EU regulation No 1169/2011

From 13 December 2014, all food products must indicate on the label the allergens to comply with the European Directive 1169/2011

The directive concerns the display of product information on product packaging and online stores; pertaining to food and beverages sold in the EU. The objective of which, is to standardize food labeling and provide greater clarity to consumers on ingredients, nutrition and allergens.

The directive comes into effect in December 2014. Food and beverage manufacturers will have to update their packaging to comply with this new legislation. Online retailers must ensure that the information they provide conforms to the regulation and it must be identical to the product information provided on the manufacturers physical packaging. Compliance with the new legislation will ensure that product information is consistent throughout the supply chain at every consumer touch-point, both in-store and online.


The effect on the Retailer

When the legislation takes effect all food and beverage products retailed must comply with EU 1169/2011 product information labeling and formatting requirements.
Manufacturers and retailers have a joint duty to ensure that food and beverage products retailed comply with this new legislation. EU 1169/2011 stipulates that certain product information is provided at point of sale, this includes in-store and online.
The new regulation will also effect how retailers display product information online. E-tailers and online stores must comply with the legislation on how to display the product information correctly.
Whereas food and beverage manufacturers must update physical packaging to comply, online retailers must replicate that same information online, taking care to highlight pertinent information like allergens in the ingredients list and displaying nutritional information.
If a retailer fails to provide any of the mandatory information set out in EU 1169/2011 online and sells the product they will be breaking the law.

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